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Order To Cash Process Management

StarFact provides full range of Order to Cash (O2C) Process Management Services to Businesses. Our main aim is to help our clients to improve their Cash Flow Positions and minimize Cash Tied up in Inventory and with Customers by having stringent and agile processes from Customers Order Creation to Cash collections. Our Team provide the following services under our Order to Cash Process Management Function:

Customer Master Data: We provide strategic supports to help you set up your Customer Master Data in your ERP base on their Territory, Classification, and segments. This helps our Clients to Service their Customers Profitably.

Customer Credit Limit Management: Our expert team provide Customer Credit Limit Review Services to our clients and advise them on the best credit to be given to both new and existing Customers. This helps our clients to minimize risk of Bad Debts.

Process Automation: We help our clients automate their Account Receivable Processes. We employ modern technology (Mobile Apps) to automate customers Quotation to Order Creation, and Order fulfilment to Settlements. This makes our clients more agile and strengthen Internal Controls.

Process Documentation: We help our clients to document Order to Cash process policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Internal Control Establishment: Our expert team assist our clients to establish robust Internal Control Systems regarding their Account Receivables. This helps our clients to minimize risk of Cash theft.

Factoring: We help our clients collect overdue debts from their Customers at moderate fee.