Strategic Commercial Finance Management


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Strategic Commercial Finance Management

At StarFact, we help our clients to have purposeful Strategic Commercial Finance Function. Our Team of Commercial Finance experts assist our clients to maximize their Net Revenue while keeping eye on incentives that will motivate Distributors and Customers. We provide the following services: 

Customer Profitability: We help our clients to better estimate the Profitability of each Customer using the best Management Accounting Method. This helps our clients to know which Customers to invest more and which customers to abandoned.

Segment Profitability: We also help our clients to know which Category of Customers or Markets has the highest Profitability and which Category is more expensive to service.

Distribution Management: We help our clients to design Customers and Distributors Incentives.

Discount and Rebates Management: We help our clients to set up the best Discounts and Rebates Strategy. This helps to better manage the Gross to Net for maximize Net Revenue.

Trade Spend Evaluation: We provide Training and Guidance on how to evaluation Promotions and Discounts before they are offered to Customers. This is to ensure that our clients Contribution Margin remain within Business Plan.

Process Documentation: We help our clients to document Commercial Finance policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). This will serve as a guide to improve staff capabilities and for succession planning.

Process Automation: Our specialists assist our clients to Automate their Commercial Finance Process using modern technology with budget.